• taxation


    It spoilage, and perhaps even ruin the experiment if dilettantes will last long enough will be made in other areas.

    1. ideological

    Populist counter-effective ,, taxation "industries disliked the footsteps of the Danube idol, coupled with the actions of guard against protectionist market (eg. The mining industry) which only magnify and layering problem.

    2.Rewanżyzmie and jedynowładztwie decision over rules.

    The paralysis of decision-making at all levels, will last even after a hurried exchange of personnel for the Jesuits.

    I share the opinions tejota that we are not dealing with such absolute chieftainship but I do not see any comfort.

    Rather, it looks to me more like he is falling , may begin to be perceived against his own wolf cubs, predictable and moderate politician.

    A chance to limit some, total discrediting and destruction of our country, as soon as possible to start fining increasingly two and perhaps three power in the same partii.to a prerequisite to disgrace was complete and permanent.

    In order to somehow help in the implementation of such a scenario, gorco urge to donate in the election to vote on t party.

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