• next 50year

    We are witnessing the beginning of the destruction of Western Europe by the invasion of alien to us culturally, morally, mentally and racially alien - and actually the hostile tribes of Asian and African countries. Thus began a breakdown of the Roman Empire - smashed him barbarians who by robbery, destruction of culture and mixing with the native population led to the fall of a great civilization. Return to the previous level of European civilization lasted for five centuries, it was the darkest period in the history of the continent - it took 500 years to Germanic and Slavic tribes began to lead or less civilized mode of statehood. Unfortunately, he again came Muslims and destroyed the great culture of Byzantium, had again 500 years (since 1453.) To, and this backward "culture" Ottoman fell apart.

    Now he began to attack Asians and black men to white Europe. According to a prophecy murdered by Americans dictator of Libya, Gaddafi, in 2100 Europe "Bedi black" because no one can stop 5,000,000,000 black men (so their time will now "only" 1.5 billion) from penetration to Europe ... Gaddafi demanded from Europe $ 100,000,000 for preventing illegal przeprawiania from Libya to Europe (ridiculous price, is not it?).

    Some scientists see their only salvation in ... Russia and China! They will not cackać and confute black mass, but it will be very bloody war ...

    The current onslaught of illegal and unwanted newcomers is only a small prelude to what will occur in the next 50 years. I do not envy those who will have this experience ...

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