right about the war in Iraq, but the relationship of this war to the war in Syria, and even more so in Libya is probably far-fetched. Do you have the emotional stance, admission and you use various arguments as a weapon in the "war" against opponents. And you may want to verify what is the emotional position? I, for one, doubt the sincerity of even the Syrians (not to mention others) when they say that they seek shelter and save lives. Because it saves only in Germany, Sweden, England and tp This is an understandable desire for a better life. I suggest our government for that - we accept up to 20 000 Syrians in Turkey. But with 20 000 or 40 000 secretly and randomly selected people only accept those who wish to resettle us. Of course, people should know what conditions await them and need to be told that a person once registered to Polish lose the right to apply for asylum in Germany and td I think that will come to us perhaps a few hundred people. But overall, I think these people need help, just in the first place but to those who illegally storming the borders of Europe. More aid should be the fact that for such "assault" does not stać.zostaliśmy manoeuvrings in an armed conflict, under the slogan of bringing democracy for the oppressed people of Iraq.

    Let me ask one question - who will guarantee us that now there are framed under the slogan of helping immigrants?

    While That mistake has brought consequences beyond our borders, the latter will be touched us much more directly. I believe that a refugee should help, but knowing our services and value to society of immigrants from the south, I think we will welcome them both them and us more harm than good.

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