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    Environmental my friends are people very well educated. Most are well educated children. To the absolute minority of those with at least one child does not live permanently abroad. I myself am the owner of a highly technological company. We manufacture highly complex products requiring a lot of creativity, knowledge, experience and ability to handle complex computer programs. Roughly 6 years, our situation is getting worse from year to year. We drastically decreased our earnings, and increased responsibility. ZUS sends me a note that I would receive 300 zł retirement, and I have enormous professional achievements. Most orders we obtain from public procurement market, where the main criterion is the lowest price. The ability to take part in the tender offer references from the past three years to get it and do not go out of business, some companies are dumping. As an employer, who lived a long time in a deflationary environment, I do not have to raise miserable salaries. My young workers everything they see. Disastrous anti-developmental economic system, resulting in low living standards, despite a good education and a lack of prospects for fair retirement. You are thinking, drawing conclusions young man did not try to seek better opportunities for themselves? Unfortunately, just what in this area happened to me and my staff for me is this symbolic "rubble", which has become unfortunately our country. On the other hand, the situation scares me when we sit in the company of active yet, but already falling gray heads, talking about their children in Malaysia, UAE, USA, England ... none of them is not going to come back. We are old and alone. After Balcerowicz decided long ago that the Poles are to perform in the framework of the so-called. international division of labor, only simple work: mainly in services and in factories located abroad as well as in the so-called. call centers and assembly plants located in Poland, but owned by foreign capital. Hence, these problems about which you write. Not true, I read leftist press and write that immigrants from Iraq, 90% of doctors and engineers, that f they can not sign or do not know any foreign language or even any profession. The fact is a lot of doctors but it turned out that they are doctors Koranic law. My question is why this hate Polishness?

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