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    Much attention in the media devoted to the crisis which caused a grotesquely irresponsible policies of Angela M. Yesterday's meeting of heads of member states of the Visegrad Group in Prague with the President of Macedonia and Bulgaria Prime Minister seems to be the beginning of the expected end of the system Szengen. For weeks the media circulate the unofficial news about the alleged talks between Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands aimed at creating a new system modeled on Szengen.

    Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania schengen

    But the last decision in Vienna to close the border with Slovenia seem to deny it ... anyway, a former activist of the FDJ GDR has caused a lot of mess in Europe! I do not know if you heard from the Trade Agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico called NAFTA and how does it shape. This agreement is, after all, the Poles are so discriminated against in the EU. And this is inconsistent even with the room escape Warszawa Treaties of Rome, and therefore Poland should immediately leave the EU, unless the EU agrees to the special conditions for Polish, including exemption from membership fees for at least 20 years, and access for at least 20 years to what least twice those of the EU in comparison to those that currently receive. After the output of the Polish Union would mean the beginning of the end, and so we have a very strong argument, so that both the PO and PiS too afraid to go użyć.Ale what's going on with this restriction allowances for immigrants from EU countries? What does it matter at a time when everyone has the right to live where they want and get all possible benefits, medical care, food, housing and all the rest? Just throw your passport, stop shaving and report on the selected border. Szengen is one one of the most grotesque ideas of European twenty-first century. And on top of threatening the security of the entire continent. Of course, all tops in Brussels this fiasco will defend by all means to the bitter end, because it threatens the loss of their ridiculously highly paid stools!ols!

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